Belinda: Chapter 07

***Five Years Later***

07-07-18_11-55-57 pm

It has hard to believe that it has been five years since the twins were born.   So much has happened in that time.

01-13-19_2-56-10 PM.png

For starters, Anubis’s daughter Chara is now an adult.  She has her mother’s all white coat and her father’s blue eyes.

01-15-19_11-46-55 PM.png

We celebrated Cassie’s sixth birthday.   I threw her a big party and invited the whole family.

01-16-19_12-26-18 AM.png

She was thrilled her father could make it to her birthday.

01-17-19_8-32-35 PM.png

Cassie loves the outdoors and is a rambunctious scamp.   She joined scouts and loves fishing or catching frogs in the pound behind our house.

01-17-19_10-41-09 PM.png

She also enjoys going to the rink down the street where she can go skating.

01-17-19_8-37-49 PM.png

01-17-19_10-10-15 PM.png

In the fall she started school and has been bringing home homework and school projects.

01-17-19_8-39-33 PM.png

She has made a bunch of friends in both school and scouts so, it seems she always has friends over to the house.

01-16-19_12-15-45 AM.png

But her absolute best friend is Betelgeuse’s daughter Celaeno.  The two even dress alike.

01-13-19_2-53-11 PM.png

Camilla and Capella are now active five year olds.  They are also 100% identical.   The only difference between them is that Capella has this one strand of hair that never seems to want to stay in her pony tail.

01-15-19_11-35-20 PM.png

They are both very independent.

01-15-19_11-39-02 PM.png

And will throw a HUGE fit if you tell them what to do.

01-15-19_11-15-17 PM.png

They are super close and want to do everything together.

01-15-19_11-05-39 PM.png

They can also be a bit of a handful.   I recently caught them both playing in the toilet.

01-15-19_11-10-54 PM.png

But they are super sweet and most mornings I find them in bed together.

01-15-19_11-15-44 PM.png

As they are so close I decided to capture this moment of them together for their toddler portrait.

07-07-18_11-55-57 pm

I finally completed my Renaissance Sim aspiration and have started working on the best selling author one.  I completed several more children’s books and have now moved on to none fiction.

My father told me that I needed to record the family’s stories for future generations.  As I am still trying to figure out my own life, I figured I would start with the stories of my siblings and their families.   I have been dedicating a book to each of my siblings starting with the oldest.

Constar Family 3rd Generation History Vol. 1: Bootes Constar by Belinda Constar

01-13-19_4-28-17 PM.png

My brother Bootes husband Royce recently past away.  The entire family was devastated by his loss.

01-13-19_4-51-39 PM.png

Fortunately, Bootes isn’t alone.  His daughter Cresida still lives at home.

01-13-19_9-12-08 PM.png

She just gave birth to a baby boy named Dalton.  He is named after one of the craters on the Moon.   Like me, Cresida has terrible taste in men.  Dalton’s father wants nothing to do with the them.

01-13-19_9-14-26 PM.png

Bootes is thrilled having his first grandchild living with him.  He recently retired and is happy to watch Dalton while Cresida is at work.

01-13-19_9-44-04 AM.png

Bootes family seems to be growing more and more each day.  My nephew Carp fell in love with the family’s mail carrier.  Her name is Willow Peterson (gallery Sakuraleon).

01-13-19_9-44-52 AM.png

The two recently married and are expecting their first child.

01-13-19_9-39-55 am01-13-19_9-40-06 am01-13-19_9-40-14 am

They are living in a cute two bedroom apartment in the Hakim Building in San Myshuno.   (Apartment by lilsimsie)

01-13-19_9-57-25 AM.png

Willow has dreams of being an artist.

01-13-19_9-59-40 AM.png

As a childish loner Carp decided on a career as an eGamer.  He can spend all day playing video games by himself and get paid to do it.

01-13-19_10-45-29 AM.png

Carp’s brother Caph also found love.  He recently married Amelie Poulain (gallery Sakuraleon).

01-13-19_10-46-10 AM.png

They are also expecting their first child together.

01-13-19_10-47-07 AM.png

They too are renting an apartment in the Hakim building (by saladfinger).   Carp and Caph think it is great their kids will grow up next door to one an other.

01-13-19_10-53-53 AM.png

With a child on the way Caph has been working out trying to get into shape.   Unfortunately working out is hard for a lazy and gluttonous sim.  But he is determined.

01-13-19_12-04-32 PM.png

Their sisters Charon and Callisto also moved to the city.  They both want to be fabulously wealthy and currently have jobs in business.

01-13-19_12-06-11 PM.png

They are renting a two bedroom apartment in the Medina Studios.  (Apartment by Simlicy)

01-13-19_12-34-39 PM.png

Neither of the sisters plan to have kids as they are too focused on their careers.  However, they did decide to rescue two cats.  Mimi a grey striped adult female cat and Ty an orange tiger striped male kitten.

01-13-19_9-46-21 PM.png

Cygnus and Aeolus are happily married and living on Sixam with their cat Lynx.

01-15-19_9-24-38 PM.png

And the twins they recently adopted.  More on that story a little later.

Constar Family 3rd Generation History Vol. 2: Baten Constar by Belinda Constar

01-13-19_10-02-26 PM.png

As you may recall my brother Baten passed away.   Sadly he was joined earlier this year by his wife Shanna.

01-13-19_10-09-55 PM.png

None of their kids decided to remain in Newcrest.   Corina moved to San Myshuno and got an apartment in the Medina Studios (apartment by Simlicy).  She living right across the hall from her cousins Charon and Callisto.

01-13-19_10-33-30 PM.png

While Corina wants to be “Friends with the World” she is unflirty and therefore not interested in romantic relationships.  She is focused on her work in politics, most importantly her “United World” campaign.   She wants to truly unite the people of both Sixam and Earth.

01-13-19_7-20-39 PM.png

01-13-19_7-24-47 PM.png

Her sisters, Cursa and Carme also moved to San Myshuno.   They are living in the Spice District in the Jasmine Suites (apartment by Simlicy).

01-13-19_10-51-20 PM.png

Carme is training to be a Mixologist.

01-13-19_11-06-10 PM.png

While her nerd brain sister Cursa is following in her grandfather’s footsteps by becoming a scientist.

01-13-19_7-30-06 PM.png

They adopted an adorable Cocker Spaniel named Duke.

01-17-19_9-30-14 PM.png

Crater is the only one of Baten and Shanna’s children to want a family of his own.   He fell in love with Nikki Rinehart (gallery Sakuraleon – one of the Skater Townies).

01-16-19_11-10-58 PM.png

She owns a vet clinic in Brindleton Bay (clinic by ArchiSim7).

01-17-19_9-24-21 PM.png

So they moved into a small house in Brindleton Bay right next door to the vet clinic.(house by angelicastronomy).

01-15-19_9-31-19 PM.png

They are happily expecting their first child.   It is too bad Baten and Shanna will never get to meet their grandchild.

01-16-19_10-50-41 PM.png

They also have a cat named Star.

01-16-19_11-08-31 PM.png

And a dog named Dezik.     I am hoping maybe down the road Dezik and Chara can have puppies together.  But for now two dogs is enough for one household.

Constar Family 3rd Generation History Vol. 3: Botein Constar by Belinda Constar

01-15-19_6-40-45 PM.png

Sadly my brother Botein passed away.

01-15-19_6-46-49 PM.png

His wife Aestas was nice enough to bring his body back here to be buried next to his twin brother and the rest of the family.

01-15-19_6-41-44 PM.png

Aestas and Carlini are both devastated by Botein’s death.

01-15-19_10-13-14 PM.png

In a show of support Baham and his wife Luna asked Aestas and Carlini to move in with them. I think having her cousins around is greatly helping.

Constar Family 3rd Generation History Vol. 4: Beid Constar by Belinda Constar

01-17-19_9-14-45 PM.png

My brother Beid’s dog (and Anubus’s mother) Aporia recently passed away.

01-17-19_9-25-41 PM.png

Fortunately, they still have Anubis’s brother Edasich.

01-16-19_9-39-44 PM.png

Beid got a surprise phone call from an Aaron Sherwood (family by sakuraleon) claiming that his dog Angel just had a litter of puppies and Edasich is the father.

Beid happily agreed to take one of the puppies.  Her name is Avery (after a crater on the moon).   I am curious what she will look like when she is grown.   Edasich was a husky mix and Angel is a rottweiler.

01-13-19_3-15-57 PM.png

Earlier this year Beid’s daughter Chaldene got tired of waiting for “Mr. Right” to have a family.   She went to the clinic, selected a donor from a list and had a procedure.  The way my luck with men has gone I may need to consider that approach if I am ever going to have the next heir.

01-13-19_11-20-22 PM.png

She was a little nervous about becoming a single mother and came to me for advice.

01-13-19_11-20-19 PM.png

I reminded her that we are all here to support each other and help when needed.   Besides she still lives with her parents and I know they will be there to help her.

01-13-19_11-33-45 PM.png

She recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Daly (after a crater on the moon).

01-17-19_9-12-44 PM.png

Beid and Maeve are thrilled with their granddaughter.  I am sure that little girl will be spoiled rotten in no time.

Constar Family 3rd Generation History Vol. 5: Brachium Constar by Belinda Constar

01-15-19_8-58-11 PM.png

Of course no family is free of drama.  My brother Brachium’s daughter Cyllene – the one I think looks like a model and I have always been SUPER jealous of – got engaged.

01-15-19_9-00-20 PM.png

And eventually married “Mr. Hates Commitment” Argeos.   That’s right – my niece is now married to the twins father.  The one who hasn’t ONCE in four years visited them.   I think it is safe to assume that was one family wedding I DID NOT attend.

01-15-19_9-00-40 PM.png

The newly married couple shocked the entire family when they announced they were leaving Sixam and moving to Del Sol Valley so that Cyllene could fulfill her dream of becoming a famous actress. (house by 5105623)

01-15-19_8-45-45 PM.png

While they may not be living in the Pinnacles their house does have every girl’s dream closet.  I guess there is also a separate pool house for guests.   Not that I ever plan to be one.

01-15-19_9-02-52 PM.png

Cyllene and Argeos further shocked the family when they announced that not only was Cyllene pregnant but as both her and Argeos dislike children they were putting the child up for adoption.

01-15-19_9-09-48 PM.png

Brachium and Amentent offered to raise the baby.  They said the child could grow up believing that Cyllene was his/her older sister rather than mother.   But Cyllene refused.  While she dislikes children, is totally self-absorbed, and has terrible taste in men Cyllene is at heart a good person.  She wanted to provide a childless Sixam couple with the opportunity to have a child of their own.

01-15-19_9-23-59 PM.png

Cyllene ended up giving birth to twins.  Seriously what is with Argeos fathering twins.  This time a boy and a girl.

01-15-19_9-24-38 pm

As it turns out those were the twins that ended up being adopted by none other than Cygnus and Aeolus.  They named their son Deneb which means tail and fittingly is the brightest star in the Cygnus constellation.   They named their daughter Denebola which means tail of the lion and is a star in the constellation Leo.

Let’s see if I get this straight . . .  My daughter Cassie’s biological father Aeolus recently adopted twins Deneb and Denebola.  Their biological father Argeos is also the biological father of my daughters and Cassie’s half-sisters Capella and Camilla.   I swear it is like a soap opera around here sometimes.

07-07-18_11-55-57 pm

As for Baham and my sisters I haven’t gotten to their stories yet.   I will just add that their kids are growing up and as many of them are the same age as Cassie I am sure we will see a lot of them in the years to come.  But for now I better get back to trying to figure out my own story.