Belinda: Chapter 06

07-07-18_9-51-47 PM.png

Being a mother is wonderful.  I just adore Cassiopeia or Cassie as I call her for short.  She is such a good baby.

07-07-18_10-19-53 PM.png

Dad has been a big help.  He comes by almost every evening to take care of his granddaughter.

01-10-19_10-51-15 PM.png

Aeolus also stops by regularly.   In fact I think he spends more time here with us than he does on Sixam.   He is a great father.

01-10-19_11-22-03 PM.png

Sometimes he stays and eats meals with me.  It is nice to have someone around the house to talk too besides Anubis.

01-10-19_10-51-52 PM.png

Having Aeolus and dad’s help with Cassie has been great.   It means I can take occasional naps.

07-07-18_9-59-27 PM.png

Or go jogging with Anubis.

07-07-18_10-28-26 pm

I have been busy painting.   I recently painted Anubis’s portrait.  In order to complete my renaissance sim aspiration I need to get to level 8 in 6 skills.   I am currently at level 6 in painting.

07-07-18_11-55-57 PM.png

I am at level 5 in writing.   I am almost done with my Cosmic Adventure story.

07-15-18_5-49-42 PM.png

I am at level 4 of gardening.

01-10-19_11-46-39 PM.png

I do have a level 8 in cooking so I put those skills to work making a birthday cake for Cassie.  I can’t believe she is a year old already.   They grow up so fast.

01-11-19_12-15-41 AM.png

My sisters all came with their families.

01-11-19_12-23-30 AM.png

I can’t believe how big Becrux’s daughter Cybele is getting.  I regret that I haven’t been able to spend as much time getting to know my nieces and nephews as I should.

01-11-19_12-25-28 AM.png

The party was a lot of fun and we all had a great time dancing and being together.

01-11-19_12-11-42 AM.png

Cassie is an adorable toddler.  She has her father’s blue skin and my purple hair.   She is inquisitive an wants to learn new things.

01-11-19_12-25-57 AM.png

She got started on her movement skill right away by bopping to the music while the grown-ups danced.

01-11-19_12-27-18 AM.png

After the party her dad started working on potty training.

01-11-19_12-29-29 AM.png

Then I read her a bedtime story.

01-11-19_12-31-26 AM.png

While my grandfather Wesley cleaned up the kitchen.   Those ghosts are pretty handy to have around.   I was actually really surprised to see him as the only ghosts that have visited recently are my dad and Alison.

01-11-19_12-31-53 AM.png

I could tell that Anubis was feeling a little down (he is afraid of the stereo) so I spent some time playing with him before turning in for the night.

01-11-19_12-45-45 AM.png

Cassie loves Anubis and he adores her.   She will pet him.

01-11-19_12-46-05 AM.png

And spend hours just babbling at him.

01-11-19_12-49-48 AM.png

Aeolus still comes by regularly to see her.  He has been helping her learn her shapes.

01-11-19_12-52-54 AM.png

Sometimes he stays and hangs out while she is down for her nap.   We have been playing video games together like we used to do as teenagers.   I realized that despite everything he really is one of my best friends.

01-11-19_12-58-53 AM.png

We have been going across the street most days to visit Betelgeuse and her daughter Celaeno.   The girls are quickly becoming the best of friends.

01-11-19_1-06-30 AM.png

While Betelgeuse and I talk . . .

01-11-19_1-07-45 AM.png

The girls play dolls together.

01-11-19_1-26-46 AM.png

Betelgeuse recently adopted a dog named Aurora.   We are hoping she and Anubis will hit it off and there will be puppies soon.

01-11-19_1-27-03 AM.png

It looks like we could be well on our way.

01-11-19_1-27-37 AM.png

Things of course are not always perfect.   Cassie loves to get into paint and make a mess.   Sometimes I swear she has the Wild Child trait rather than Inquisitive.

01-11-19_1-28-06 AM.png

We have been working on learning responsibility so I made it clear to her that making a mess with the paint is not acceptable.   Especially as we were at Betelgeuse house at the time.

01-11-19_1-35-34 AM.png

My book is almost complete.   I just wish I could find more time to write.

01-11-19_1-43-32 AM.png

Part of the problem is I would much rather be spending time with Cassie than at the computer writing.

01-11-19_1-43-52 AM.png

We play “space explorer”.   I love the sound of her laugh as she flies around the room.

01-11-19_1-45-46 AM.png

I set up a doll house next to the computer so that she can play while I write but I find most days I abandon writing to sit down and play with her.

01-11-19_1-41-31 AM.png

On Love Day, Aeolus and Cygnus had their wedding.  That morning I activated the portal that would take us to Sixam.   It will be Cassie’s first time visiting.

01-11-19_2-11-08 AM-2.png

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and Cassie made an adorable flower girl.   The grooms decided to forgo the traditional Sixam wedding attire and instead wore tuxedos.

01-11-19_2-13-13 AM.png

The guys asked if I would prepare the food.  I decided on a grand meal of fish.

01-11-19_2-15-47 AM.png

While I was getting started on the cake I looked over and saw Cassie with paint.  Fortunately, one look from me was enough to make her stop before she made too much of a mess.  Where she got the paint I have NO idea.

01-11-19_2-36-13 AM.png

Once the food was done I started working at the bar making drinks for everyone.

01-11-19_2-40-02 AM.png

It was great to see my sisters.  Everyone said the food was amazing which made me feel really good.

01-11-19_2-43-33 AM.png

Becrux was thrilled to share that her and Apollo are having their third child.  They are both hoping for a boy this time.

01-11-19_2-37-01 AM.png

While I am happy for all of my siblings those feelings of jealousy started coming back.   I looked around and saw all my sisters with their husbands and can’t help but think why not me?   Even the man I was supposed to marry fell in love and married someone else.   With those feelings running through my head I started drinking A LOT of wine.  Probably not my best idea.

01-11-19_2-37-45 AM.png

Everyone had a great time dancing — especially Cassie.

01-11-19_2-49-05 AM.png

Later that night I ran into a very attractive Sixam male.  I had never seen anyone that looked like him before he.  He had this amazing silvery blue skin color.   He almost seemed to sparkle in the light.   We started talking but it was really loud with all the music and sounds from the other party guests.

01-11-19_2-51-31 AM.png

So we went to some place a little more quiet where we talked some more and flirted a little.

01-11-19_2-52-25 AM.png

“So how do you know the grooms?” he asked.

“Well that is a bit complicated,” I said.  “Cygnus is sort of my cousin.  His dad Royce and my brother Bootes are married.   Both of them went through an alien abduction and were impregnated by the same Pollination Technician.  So their kids have the same biological mother.   Additionally, Aeolus’s three brothers all married my sisters.  He was intended for me and we actually have a daughter together.  But we were not meant to be as he is clearly in love with Cygnus.   I am happy for the two of them.”

01-11-19_2-53-04 AM.png

“I think you need someone to love you too,” the mystery man said.

01-11-19_2-53-29 AM.png

I don’t know if it was the wine, the fact that it was Love Day, the romance of being at a wedding or those feelings of “why not me” that I had been having all night but before I knew it I was making out with this handsome Sixam male.

01-11-19_2-53-31 AM.png

Next thing I knew we were going into the coat closet for some privacy.

01-11-19_2-53-39 AM.png

I can’t believe I am woohooing with a stranger at Aeolus and Cygnus’s wedding.   I don’t even know his name.   I am not the type of sim to have one-night-stands.  Sure I had woohooed with Aeolus but I thought we had a future together.

01-11-19_3-05-15 AM.png

Back at home I tried to put the whole thing out of my mind.   I spent time reading stories with Cassie.

01-11-19_3-21-23 AM.png

I painted her toddler portrait.

01-11-19_1-35-34 am

Worked some more on my children’s book.

01-11-19_3-15-53 AM.png

But then I started to feel nausous.

05-21-18_11-03-14 PM

And was throwing up a lot – especially in the mornings.  I of course knew right away what that could mean.

05-21-18_10-58-55 PM

I went and got a pregnancy test.   “Please let it be negative,” I said to myself.

05-21-18_10-56-58 PM

Finally it was time to look at the results.

05-21-18_10-58-33 PM


05-21-18_10-58-17 PM

I can’t believe this is happening again.

01-11-19_3-25-16 AM.png

I decided the first thing I needed to do was find out his name.   So I called Aeolus.

“Hey, sorry to bother you on your honeymoon but do or Cygnus happen to know the name of the silver blue guy that was at your wedding?”

“Sorry I don’t.  I saw him there but assumed he was somebody’s plus-one or a possible wedding crasher — you know someone who comes for the free food and drinks.  Why do you ask?”

That question put me in a real awkward position.  I figured I could come up with some other reason why I was looking for him but it isn’t like I can keep a pregnancy a secret.  He will find out sooner or later.   So despite how uncomfortable it made me I figured honesty was best.

“This is so embarrassing but you know me and my stupid jealousy issues.  Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled for you and Cygnus.  You are a great couple and perfect together but I can’t always control the jealousy.   I was there at your wedding seeing you and Cygnus as well as all of my siblings with their spouses and it got to me.  Here I am the family heiress and the only one still single.”

“I’m sorry, Belinda.  I know that is mainly my fault.  We were intended to be together and I . . .”

“No, you don’t have to be sorry.  You and Cygnus are clearly in love and while I admit I was angry in the beginning I do want you to be happy.   I don’t blame you at all.  I just sometimes can’t shake the jealousy.  So anyway I was at your wedding feeling jealous and drank way to much.   I saw the mystery man and we started talking and flirting.  The flirting led to making out which led to us woohooing in the coat closet.  I am so embarrassed for having a one-night-stand and at your wedding of all places.”

“I am sure you are not the first person to get drunk at a wedding and do something like that.  Is that why you are looking for him?  So you can reach out to him and maybe go on a date or something.”

“To be honest I just wanted to forget the whole thing ever happened.  It was a drunken mistake but often times mistakes have consequences.  I’m pregnant.”

“Oh wow!  I see where that complicates things.   Let me ask around see if I can track him down.”

“No you enjoy your honeymoon.  I’ll check with my sisters.  They might know who he is.”

“Okay well at least keep me posted.”

“Will do,” I said before hanging up.

01-11-19_3-25-24 AM.png

I called my sisters next only I didn’t want to get into it with them on the phone.  I asked if they could all bring their kids to Constar the next day.

01-11-19_7-03-39 PM.png

Betelgeuse of course knew something was wrong and insisted I come over right away.

01-11-19_6-58-36 PM.png

I figured it would the girls a chance to play together.

01-11-19_6-58-17 PM.png

As well as an opportunity for Anubis and Aurora to spend more time together.  I really want them to have puppies.

01-11-19_7-03-39 PM.png

While the dogs and toddlers played, Betegleuse and I had a long talk.   I told her the whole story.

01-11-19_7-03-55 pm

I could tell she was surprised by my news.

01-11-19_7-00-18 PM.png

I worried she would judge me or be disappointed in my behavior but she just gave me a big hug.

01-11-19_7-42-50 PM.png

The next day my sisters and I all gathered at the park.  It seemed like déjà vu as we were sitting in this exact spot when I told them I was pregnant the last time.

Without giving away any details I asked my sister’s help in tracking down the mystery man.

01-11-19_7-44-30 PM.png

“His name is Argeos,” Becrux said.

“You know him?” I asked surprised.

“We have never actually met but I know of him or at least I know of his reputation.”

“Reputation?” I asked.

“He is a serial romantic.  Not big on commitment.   Where Argeos is concerned it is a good thing that (aside from us) none of the females on Sixam can get pregnant.   He is a definite ‘love them and leave them’ kinda of guy.”

01-11-19_7-46-47 PM.png

“We can’t judge serial romantics too hard,” Betelgeuse said.  “My mom was one and I know she struggled with the whims for years.  In fact they kept her and dad apart for a long time.   Sometimes they just can’t control it.  Who knows maybe all it takes is the right person — it eventually did for mom.”

I could tell Betelgeuse was trying to be supportive and comforting.   I appreciated her effort even though it wasn’t really working.

01-11-19_7-51-19 PM.png

“That is true but at least Alison was family-oriented.  I heard Argeos dislikes kids and is also hot-headed.   Belinda, I know he is good looking but I would definitely recommend staying clear of him.   While the Sixam population has been dwindling over the years thanks to the abduction program there are still plenty of young, eligible, Sixam males out there.”

01-11-19_7-43-02 PM.png

“It’s a little late for that,” I said.   I then went on to explain about my drunken one-night-stand at the wedding.  “I’m pregnant.”

01-11-19_7-43-18 PM.png

I could tell they were all shocked but I didn’t sense any sort of judgement.

01-11-19_7-46-56 PM.png

“There is a bar in Sixam that I believe he frequents.  Why don’t you and Cassie come visit.   She can play with the boys while you track him down.”

“Anubis is welcome to stay with us while you are gone,” Betelgeuse said.  “Who knows maybe we will finally get those puppies.”

01-11-19_8-02-55 PM.png

The girls had brought their kids to the park, so after our sisterly talk I spent time playing with my nieces and nephews.

01-11-19_8-39-06 PM.png

The next day we dropped Anubis off next door.

01-11-19_1-41-31 am

And then Cassie and headed through the portal to Sixam.

01-11-19_8-45-50 PM.png

Cassie spent some time playing with her cousins Crux and Caliban.

01-11-19_8-51-17 PM.png

I headed to the Mushroom Bar to see if Argeos would appear.

01-11-19_9-13-25 PM.png

Sure enough he walked in a few hours later looking just has good as I remembered.

01-11-19_8-58-28 PM.png

“We need to talk,” I said.

“Do I know you?” he asked.

01-11-19_9-04-22 PM.png

“Oh wait you are the chick from the wedding.  Did you come back for more of Argeos?  I am sure there is a free closet in this place.”

01-11-19_9-09-39 PM.png

I don’t know what came over me.  I threw my drink at him.   The look on his face after was priceless.

01-11-19_9-10-20 PM.png

“That is no way to talk to a woman,” I shouted.  “Yes, I am the woman you woohooed with at the wedding.  But no I didn’t come back for more.   I learned a lot about the type of guy you are and frankly I want nothing more to do with you.  But every child has the right to know his or her father so I am hear to tell you that you are going to be one.  I’m pregnant.”

I didn’t even give him the chance to respond.  I just stormed out.

01-11-19_9-23-48 PM.png

I was in tears when I got back to Bellatrix’s house but I didn’t want Cassie to see me crying so I pulled myself together.

01-11-19_9-22-53 PM.png

Before we headed home Bellatrix gave me a big hug and told me to let her know if we needed anything.

01-12-19_4-48-25 PM.png

The next several months went by quickly.  Cassie maxed communication and potty training.

01-12-19_4-48-38 PM.png

I finished my children’s book and started on the sequel.

01-12-19_8-54-13 PM.png

By summer time I was half way through my pregnancy and had a pretty good size baby bump.  One day I sat Cassie down and told her that she was going to be a big sister — that mommy had a baby in her belly.

01-12-19_8-51-23 PM.png

01-12-19_8-53-10 PM.png

Cassie is super excited about the baby.  She loves placing her hands on my belly to feel the baby move.

01-12-19_9-28-08 PM.png

I got her a shirt that says “I may be little BUT I am going to be a Big Sister”.   Then I arranged for us to have our photo taken.

01-12-19_10-14-14 PM.png

I finally decided to redecorate the master bedroom and get rid of dad’s more masculine furniture.  I thought the room turned out great.  I hung the photos Cassie and I had taken on the wall above the bed.

01-12-19_2-27-20 PM.png

For Cassie’s second birthday, I schedule a play date for her with her cousins at Constar Park.

01-12-19_5-07-12 PM.png

The girls all had fun dancing.

01-12-19_5-08-03 PM.png

I grilled hotdogs for everyone and later we had cake.

01-12-19_5-17-51 PM.png

And helped my nieces and nephews on the slide.

01-12-19_5-27-34 PM.png

Unfortunately, during the party Anubis got sprayed by a skunk.  So I had to give him a bath when we got home.

01-12-19_8-18-53 PM.png

Cassie had such a fun time with her cousins.  She was totally exhausted when we got home.  I am glad she had such a good birthday.

01-12-19_5-34-49 PM.png

Our play-date was so successful we were awarded our very own toddler jungle gym.

01-12-19_5-43-32 PM.png

With her own jungle gym Cassie quickly maxed movement and imagination.

01-12-19_7-51-59 PM.png

We FINALLY got the news we were hoping for.  Aurora gave birth to two puppies.  A male puppy named Asterion and a female puppy named Chara.  They are both stars in the Canes Venatici Constellation.   I decided to take the female puppy Chara.

01-12-19_7-55-31 PM.png

Cassie is thrilled with the new puppy.  She loves cuddling with her.

01-12-19_7-54-45 PM.png

Anubis also loves his daughter.   They are so cute together.

01-12-19_10-33-34 PM.png

In early fall we got some great news.  Becrux gave birth to a baby boy named Cetus.

01-13-19_12-43-02 AM.png

Unfortunately, we also received some sad news.  My brother Baten passed away.

01-13-19_1-55-36 AM.png

I made sure to visit his wife and kids to offer my condolences.

01-13-19_1-51-25 AM.png

He was buried in a nearby cemetery.  All of dad’s siblings and their families are buried here as well.

01-12-19_10-26-03 PM.png

The last few months of my pregnancy flew by.  I finished my second children’s book and started on the third.   While I write Cassie usually plays with her doll house.

01-13-19_12-11-03 AM.png

Cassie and I also work every day on flash cards.

01-13-19_12-12-58 AM.png

I am also teaching her how to say please, thank you, and I’m sorry.

01-13-19_12-21-43 AM.png

I have also been busy working in the garden.

01-13-19_12-24-55 AM.png

And painting.   It is taking me much longer than I would like to complete this renaissance aspiration.

01-13-19_12-14-52 AM.png

Betelgeuse frequently stops by to check on me.

“Wow, look at you,” she teased.

01-13-19_12-15-54 AM.png

“Do you think you could be having twins?”

“To be honest I have been wondering the same thing.  I feel and look huge.  I am way bigger than I was with Cassie.  Do you want to feel?”

01-13-19_12-16-02 AM.png

“Of course,” she said.

01-13-19_12-53-11 AM.png

I have been trying to prepare Cassie for the baby’s arrival.   I know she is excited now about being a big sister but I worry that she will feel differently once the baby gets here.   I am trying to make sure she understands that just because she is going to have a baby brother or sister doesn’t mean I will lover her any less.

01-13-19_2-12-25 AM.png

By Spooky Day I was only a week away from my due date.   Call me crazy but I decided to have a party anyway.  I got the house all decorated.

01-13-19_2-20-58 AM.png

I made “spooky treats”

01-13-19_2-31-14 AM.png

Cassie and I dressed up in matching Witch costumes.

01-13-19_2-22-54 AM.png

I invited all my family here in Newcrest as well as several family members from Sixam.

01-13-19_2-23-55 AM.png

There was pumpkin carving.

01-13-19_2-18-55 AM.png

We were all having a great time dancing, especially Cassie.

01-13-19_2-27-40 AM.png

During the party my back was really bothering me.  But I didn’t think anything of it, as it has been bothering me for weeks.

01-13-19_2-32-34 AM.png

I was out dancing with Cassie and the rest of the guests when had my first contraction.

01-13-19_2-32-48 AM.png

And I look down to discover that my water broke.  Right there in the middle of the party.

01-13-19_2-34-58 AM.png

Betelgeuse offered to take Cassie over to her house for the night.  Then all the party guests left.

01-13-19_2-38-51 AM.png

I could tell I still had some time before the baby would be born so I changed out of my costume and then kept busy by cleaning up the party mess.

01-13-19_2-44-00 AM.png

Then I tried to take a nap.

01-13-19_2-44-35 AM.png

Only to wake up a few moments later having a contraction.

01-13-19_2-42-13 AM.png

The contractions continued for several more hours until I finally felt like it was time to push.

01-13-19_2-47-30 AM.png

I made my way into the nursery and after a couple of big pushes. . .

01-13-19_2-48-56 AM.png

I was holding a beautiful baby girl in my arms.  I named her Capella.  Capella is the 6th brightest star in the sky and means she-goat.

01-13-19_2-48-46 AM.png

Capella was followed moments later by her twin sister Camilla.   She is named after an asteroid.

01-13-19_2-54-24 AM.png

If her face is anything to go by I’d say Cassie isn’t as thrilled with her new sisters as she thought she would be.

“No want two babies.  One enough.”

That is too bad Cassie both babies are there to stay.  Besides since this is a Strict Equality legacy your mom has to have at least one more baby.  She needs to give you a little brother.

Attention readers, I would really appreciate your input.  Since I am doing Strict Equality that means Belinda needs at least one son (though I prefer having a spare).  Therefore, Belinda needs to have a least one more child.  I have some ideas but not sure which to pursue and would like input.  If you don’t like any of those options feel free to suggest something.  I am open to ideas.

Option 1:  After being burned by two men from Sixam Belinda is done – especially after she learns Argeos is engaged to be married.   She is going to find a regular male sim to fall in love with and raise a family.   She has three full blooded Sixam daughters who can “help the Sixam cause”.   Why can’t her son have a non-sixam father?  Her grandfather wasn’t alien meaning her father was only half alien and he went through four abductions.  There is no reason her son and heir can’t be half alien as well.   She meets an NPC (mailman, gardener, random townie) and they fall in love and raise a family together.

Option 2:  Even though things didn’t work out with the first two guys from Sixam, Belinda is not ready to throw in the towel.   She knows there is a someone on Sixam that is meant for her.   While on a family vacation to Granite Falls (or Selvadorada) she meets a man and they form an instant connection.  She is falling in love but he is not from Sixam . . . . or is he?   He seems to glow — does that mean he is in disguise?  If so why the disguise?  Aliens have been walking around free of disguise since Adara dropped her disguise after marring Wesley.   Can he be trusted?

Option 3:  Belinda is done looking for love.  She knows she needs to produce a male heir but who says love has to be involved.   Look at those female sims in the 100 baby challenges – they have the right idea.  They woohoo for the purpose of getting pregnant and don’t care about things like feelings.  Maybe if she stops looking for love she will stop being jealous of those who have found it.