Belinda: Chapter 05

05-22-18_11-28-02 PM

After learning I was pregnant I decided to contact my sisters.  They are all mothers and I figured they would have helpful advice.

05-22-18_11-29-07 PM

Becrux was the first to offer her support.   “I know the situation with you and Aeolus is not the best and the circumstances are not great but a new baby is still wonderful news.   I just know you will be a great mom.”

05-22-18_11-36-39 PM

Bellatrix also offered her support. “I know we are millions of miles away living on Sixam but anytime you need us we can be here.”

05-22-18_11-37-44 PM

Betelgeuse and Bianca were also supportive.   Of all my sisters Betelgeuse is still the angriest at Aeolus.  I suppose it helps that she is not married to one of his brothers.

05-22-18_11-39-39 PM

After getting the more serious conversations out of the way we spent a fun day together.   We played basketball.

05-22-18_11-41-14 PM

Went fishing.

05-22-18_11-42-35 PM

And played chess.  It was like old times.

05-22-18_11-43-34 PM

Later I grilled chicken.

05-22-18_11-45-23 PM

And we all sat around and ate.

05-22-18_11-46-56 PM

When it was time for them to head back to Sixam, Becrux pulled me in for a big hug.

05-22-18_11-47-18 PM

Once again she promised that they were all just a call away — when Becrux married Apollo he gave us all these special phones that can actually make calls between Sixam and Newcrest.

05-23-18_7-47-20 PM

Later that night we were visited by Pluto.  I think Anubis enjoyed meeting his father.

05-23-18_7-49-02 PM

I was thrilled when my father made an appearance too.   I had missed him so much.

“I’m pregnant,” I told him.  I then went on to explain about what happened with Aeolus.

05-23-18_7-49-12 PM

Dad was upset at first.

05-23-18_7-48-42 PM

But soon wrapped me in a big hug.  He reminded me that Constar heir(ess)s are never lucky in love at first.   “Your grandma Adara had two failed relationships and four children before she met the love of her life and had four more children, including me.  I loved Allison from the moment we met but she cheated on my countless times at the beginning of our relationship.  It wasn’t until we were older that we figured out how to make a relationship work.  I know it is hard right now but I have every confidence that you will meet the love of your life someday – and possibly in a way you least expect.  Now take my advice – enjoy being pregnant.  It is an amazing experience but always seems to go far to quickly.”

05-23-18_7-43-28 PM

I am going to be honest — so far I am not sure what there is to enjoy about being pregnant.  I feel like I literally have to pee all the time.  Sometimes I barely make it to the bathroom in time.

05-23-18_7-51-23 PM

I am also nauseous 24/7 and just overall very uncomfortable.

05-23-18_7-52-38 PM

The next morning when I woke up I realized Anubis was sick.  He must have picked something up when we were at the park the day before.

05-23-18_7-55-35 PM

I took him to the vet and got us checked in.

05-23-18_7-56-42 PM

Then while we waited I stocked up on medicated dog treats.

05-23-18_7-58-54 PM

Unfortunately, the baby was not a fan of the dog treat smell and soon I was racing to the bathroom to get sick.   So embarrassing.

05-23-18_8-00-53 PM

When I came out of the bathroom Anubis was in with the vet.  She explained that Anubis had something called Super Swamp Mouth which she was able to treat with a shot.

05-23-18_8-02-19 PM

As we were leaving I was shocked to see Aeolus walking in with his cat Lynx.  Don’t they have vet clinics on Sixam?  What is he doing in Newcrest?

05-23-18_8-03-29 PM

Things were awkward at first and I could tell from his face that he really did feel bad.  Plus I have had a lot of time to think and am not as angry anymore.

05-23-18_8-05-36 PM

“We need to talk,” I said.  “But not here and not now.  I want to get Anubis home and I am guessing you are here with Lynx for a reason.  Can you come over to the house tomorrow?”

“Yes, I will be there,” he said.

05-23-18_8-20-32 PM

When I got home the baby was craving grilled cheese so I made a big batch so I will have some left for later.  I also earned my 8th Cooking Skill.  I am getting close to achieving my Renaissance Sim aspiration so I can start the Bestselling Author one.

05-23-18_8-17-53 PM

Afterwards I headed out to the garden to work before retiring for the night.

05-23-18_8-53-53 PM

The next morning as I was getting ready for Aeolus’s visit I couldn’t help but notice that overnight I had developed a pretty obvious baby bump.   I guess there is no hiding it from Aeolus now – not that I want to.  I have already decided to tell him I’m pregnant.  I think it is important for the baby to know his or her father.  I am secretly hoping the baby is a girl.

05-23-18_9-00-14 PM

I am not sure if it is still morning sickness or nerves but moments before Aeolus was scheduled to arrive I was in the bathroom throwing up.

05-23-18_8-55-13 PM

Soon I heard a knock on the door and saw Aeolus through the glass.

05-23-18_8-55-26 PM

I went out to greet him and it was clear from the look on his face that he immediately guessed my news.

05-23-18_8-55-55 PM

“Your pregnant?!?!”

05-23-18_8-56-39 PM

“Surprise!” I said trying to break the tension.

05-23-18_8-59-23 PM

We went inside to talk.

“Belinda, I am so sorry I put you in this situation.  I know I told you that I woohooed with you because I was hoping for this very outcome — because I wanted a chance to be a father.  But I should have been honest with from the beginning.  I let you believe we had a future together and that was wrong of me.  I understand why you don’t want me in your life but I would really like to be part of our child’s life.  If you will let me.”

“I have had a lot of time to think and the situation we are in is not entirely your fault.  I was the one who kissed you first, the one who invited you to join me in the bedroom, and the one who initiated the woohoo.  Looking back I realize I had no more feelings for you than you had for me.  Our siblings had already paired up and I figured it was our turn.  I was ready to start fulfilling my role as family heiress.  Honestly, when we woohooed I too was hoping for this result.  My sisters already either had children or were expecting and I wanted that too.  I admit I was jealous of them.  I think that is why it hurt so much the next day when you told me you loved someone else.  It was just another time in my life where I came in last.  I was also angry that you were not honest with me.  I am happy for you and Cygnus–I really am.  I also want you to be part of this child’s life.”

05-23-18_9-14-38 PM

Then I stood up and asked if he wanted to feel the baby.

05-23-18_9-14-54 PM

I could tell he was thrilled with the experience.

05-23-18_9-15-38 PM

We spent more time talking.

05-23-18_9-16-33 PM

Before it was time for Aeolus to return to Sixam.  Before he left, I gave him a friendly hug.  He promised to visit often and insisted I contact him when it was time for the birth.

05-23-18_9-17-32 PM

To be honest he is a pretty great guy.  Even Anubis likes him.

05-23-18_9-33-23 PM

After Aeolus left I was feeling restless and decided to take Anubis for a walk.

05-23-18_9-33-53 PM

On our walk we ran into one of my nieces.  I realized I couldn’t even remember her name.  In my defense I have several and many of them are older than me.  However as family heiress I should make more of an effort, so once the baby is born I will have to have a dinner party or something.

05-23-18_9-57-09 PM

Dad was right and my pregnancy did seem to pass quickly.   Soon I was in my third trimester and felt huge.

05-23-18_9-56-27 PM

I had a lot to do before the baby was born so decided to take family leave from work.

05-22-18_11-58-39 PM

I spent time with Anubis.  We are quickly becoming best friends.

05-22-18_11-53-08 PM

I have started my second children’s book.  I think this one has the makings of a larger book series.  It is a story about this group of children that live in space and go on various cosmic adventures.

05-23-18_10-02-06 PM

I worked on several paintings.  I am at a level 7 painting skill.

05-23-18_9-50-36 PM

I also started reading parenting books.

05-23-18_8-51-45 PM

I redecorated the nursery in bright greens and yellows.

05-23-18_10-05-01 PM

One morning I was taking my breakfast plate to the dishwasher when I felt this sudden pressure followed by a splash.  I looked down and I was standing in a pool of liquid.  At first I thought I had peed my pants but then quickly realized that my water broke.

05-23-18_10-05-34 PM

I immediately called Aeolus to let him know the baby was coming.  Fortunately, he has been staying with Cygnus’s family (my brother Bootes and brother-in-law Royce) to be closer to me for when the time came.

05-23-18_10-06-08 PM

I tried to practice my breathing but the pain was intense.

05-23-18_10-06-02 PM

I am not going to lie it hurt REALLY bad.

05-23-18_10-06-54 PM

When Aeolus arrived he was not much help.  He immediately started freaking out.

05-23-18_10-07-41 PM

Anubis was much more helpful.  He came up to me and started giving me kisses.  He is such a wonderful dog.

05-23-18_10-09-48 PM

Soon I felt the need to push so I headed to the nursery.

05-23-18_10-09-32 PM

The pain only got worse and I pushed for what felt like hours but was probably more like minutes.

05-23-18_10-12-06 PM

In the end I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

05-23-18_10-12-18 PM

I named her Cassiopeia and I just adore her.