Belinda: Chapter 04

05-21-18_1-42-10 AM.png

I recently found out from my sister’s that Aeolus and Cygnus got engaged.

05-21-18_1-55-08 AM.png

And adopted a cat named Lynx.  I have no desire to ever see Aeolus again so I am glad they are living on Sixam.

05-21-18_9-30-50 PM

In order to completely avoid Aeolus I have not been willing to visit Sixam.  Unfortunately, this means I have missed some big moments in my siblings lives.  For starters Baham had a son named Chort.

05-21-18_9-26-22 PM

His triplets are also now active toddlers.  Cardea and Carmenta love the doll house I sent them for their birthday.

05-21-18_9-25-32 PM

But I guess Cupid just prefers making messes.

05-21-18_9-46-38 PM

My brother Brachium had daughter Calypso.

05-21-18_9-47-09 PM

His daughter Caroli is also a toddler.   I guess she just adores her big sister Cyllene.

05-21-18_10-27-15 PM

Becrux gave birth to daughter Catalina.

05-21-18_10-28-44 PM

I just think this photo of Apollo, Becrux and Cybele is so adorable.

05-21-18_10-09-38 PM

I also sent my niece Carlini a doll house for her birthday.  She is so adorable and just loves her daddy.  Now that Botien is an elder I hope he lives long enough to really see her grow.

05-21-18_11-26-15 PM

Bianca and Aesir also welcomed their first child.  They had a daughter named Cordelia.

05-21-18_11-31-26 PM

Bellatrix and Alastor welcomed son Crux to the family.  I think Crux is such a fitting name for their child as it sounds like a “rocker” name.

05-21-18_11-31-26 PM

Turns out Bellatrix was expecting twins.  Moments after Crux was born she gave birth to son Caliban.

05-21-18_2-03-03 AM

Meanwhile back in Newcrest I have been focusing on staying busy.   I cook and clean house.

05-21-18_11-09-03 PM

I am writing my first book.   With so many nieces and nephews I decided to try a kids book.

05-21-18_11-14-38 PM

I have been tending the garden.

05-21-18_2-08-01 AM

And working on my painting skills.

05-22-18_11-49-09 PM

Anubis celebrated his birthday and is now an adult dog.

05-23-18_7-41-55 PM

He is loads of fun and helps me forget, momentarily, all of my worries.

05-23-18_7-41-09 PM

It took some time but I finally managed to finish my first book.  I hope to eventually self-publish it.

05-21-18_2-10-26 AM

Unfortunately I have been feeling nausous.

05-21-18_11-03-14 PM

And have thrown up several times.

05-21-18_10-58-55 PM

I decided to take a pregnancy test and while I sat there waiting for the results I kept hoping it was negative.  Don’t get me wrong I want kids just not with Aeolus.  I want a loving and attentive husband like my sisters have with their husbands.

05-21-18_10-56-58 PM

Finally it was time to look at the test.

05-21-18_10-58-33 PM

It was positive.  I’m pregnant.

05-21-18_10-58-17 PM

What am I going to do?  Do I tell Aeolus?  Do I keep it from him?  Is that even possible considering his brothers are married to my sisters?  I know I told him I never wanted to see him again but this is his kid.  I have so many thoughts and questions going through my head I just don’t know what to do.