Belinda: Chapter 03

05-21-18_1-03-38 AM.png

So a lot has changed since dad died.  First of all we welcomed a new addition to the family.  We finally brought home one of Pluto’s puppies.  This is his son Anubis.

As you can see I also got a bit of a makeover.

05-20-18_10-53-55 AM

Betelgeuse started dating a guy from work.  His name is Brandon Connelly and the two are very much in love.

05-20-18_10-57-35 AM.png

They also recently found out that they are expecting a baby.

05-20-18_10-58-31 AM.png

Brandon is a very attentive boyfriend.  I really wish I had someone like that in my life.

05-20-18_11-00-41 AM.png

With a baby on the way the two got engaged.

05-20-18_11-01-52 AM.png

And decided to elope.   Now that Brachium lives on Sixam his house here in Newcrest is vacant so the two moved in there.  I am happy to have her right next door.

05-20-18_4-58-54 PM.png

Bianca and Aesir are also very much in love.

05-20-18_4-59-43 PM.png

The two recently got engaged and are planning a big Sixam wedding.

05-20-18_10-20-08 PM.png

Following her engagement Bianca decided to get a makeover.   Both she and Aesir are all about money and want to look like proper professionals.

05-20-18_10-03-03 PM.png

Bellatrix also got a makeover but decided to go in the opposite direction.  She is a rock musician and following dad’s death got a number of tattoos.

05-20-18_10-16-28 PM.png

Fortunately, Alastor loves the look.

05-20-18_10-17-10 PM.png

They are also engaged.

05-20-18_10-17-50 PM.png

And if her recent bout of nausea is any indication I would guess they are going to be parents soon.

05-20-18_10-46-51 PM.png

The couples decided on a double wedding on Sixam.

05-20-18_10-51-13 PM.png

Bianca looked beautiful in the traditional Sixam wedding attire.

05-20-18_10-50-56 PM.png

Bellatrix also wore the traditional Sixam wedding attire only she dyed her dress black to go with her edgier look.

05-20-18_10-59-54 PM.png

I helped at the reception by mixing the drinks.

05-20-18_10-57-02 PM.png

I also baked the cake.

05-20-18_11-06-42 PM.png

It seems my family is about to get even bigger.  Brachium and Baham recently went through the implantation procedure again and are both expecting.   I guess Botien wanted to go through again as well but unfortunately he recently celebrated his elder birthday.  I hope he lives long enough to see Carlini grow up.

05-20-18_11-01-38 PM.png

Betelgeuse is due to have her baby any day.

05-20-18_11-04-18 PM.png

Becrux is also expecting her second child.   All of my siblings are now married with kids.  Here I am the family heiress and I am still single and childless.  Why am I always the last one to get the things I want.  It is not fair.

05-20-18_11-04-30 PM.png

During the reception Becrux and I spent time catching up and I promised to go visit before I returned to Newcrest.

05-20-18_11-24-53 PM.png

I have to admit my niece Cybele is adorable.  We played dolls.

05-20-18_11-31-39 PM.png

And I let her ride on my back while pretending to be a spaceship.  Hopefully Aeolus will propose soon and we can get married and start a family.

05-21-18_1-21-59 AM.png

Shortly after the wedding Betelgeuse gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Celaneo.

05-20-18_11-37-12 PM.png

It is weird being back home.  After years of living in a packed house I am now all alone with just Anubis for company.   I spend my days painting and working on building other skills.   I also got a job working as a writer.

05-21-18_12-30-08 AM.png

Sometimes Aeolus comes over and we hangout watching movies or playing video games.  I was getting frustrated that he still hadn’t made a move and kissed me.

05-21-18_12-32-30 AM.png

So one day while we were playing video games I reached over and kissed him.

05-21-18_12-32-52 AM.png

Then in a very forward move asked him to join me in the bedroom.

05-21-18_12-33-42 AM.png

At first we just sat on the bed in this awkward silence.

05-21-18_12-34-14 AM.png

Before we started kissing.

05-21-18_12-36-30 AM.png

Which eventually led to woohoo.

05-21-18_12-37-24 AM

When I woke up Aeolus was watching me.  I thought it was sweat that he would watch me sleep.

05-21-18_12-39-27 AM.png

As I got out of bed I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

05-21-18_12-43-09 AM.png

Until I saw the expression on Aeolus’s face.

05-21-18_12-51-19 AM.png

“What’s wrong,” I asked.

05-21-18_12-52-58 AM.png

“I am sorry Belinda.  I really do like you but last night was a mistake.  We should never have woohooed.”

05-21-18_12-53-41 AM.png

“What are you talking about?  Why would it be a mistake? Aren’t we going to get married and start a family together?  It is what everyone expects us to do.”

05-21-18_12-53-02 AM.png

“I can’t marry you Belinda.  I should never have woohooed with you when I am love with someone else.”


“As you know our families have been spending a lot of time together.  With the weddings and new babies being born.”

“So you are in love with someone in my family!  WHO?  Is it my niece Cyllene?  I know she is super beautiful but . . .”

05-21-18_1-31-24 AM.png

“It isn’t your niece Cyllene.  It is your nephew, Cygnus.”

05-21-18_12-53-46 AM.png

I will admit it did make me feel better that it wasn’t one of my female relatives.  But I was still confused.  “If you are in love with Cygnus why didn’t you tell me sooner?  Why kiss me back?  Why woohoo with me?”

05-21-18_12-56-02 AM.png

“In the moment I told myself I as going to put my feelings for Cygnus aside and be with you like everyone expects.  But if I am being honest I knew that we could never be together.  That it wouldn’t be fair to either of us.  Honestly, with my brothers all starting families I realized I wanted a chance to become a father too.”

05-21-18_12-55-43 AM.png

“So you were hoping to get me pregnant?  Why me?  Cygnus could have gone through implantation just like my brothers did.  You still could have had a child with him.”

05-21-18_12-56-31 AM.png

“No I couldn’t.  Yes your brothers were able to be implanted but the procedure has not worked on other Sixam males.  There is something in your brother’s DNA that makes them different.  Same reason you and your sisters can get pregnant.  The problem is while Cygnus was raised as your nephew his biological parents are your brother-in-law Royce and the Sixam pollination technician.  He does not actually share any of your families DNA. Therefore, like me he can not successfully go through implantation procedure.  Being with you was the only way I could actually father a child.”

05-21-18_12-55-45 AM.png


05-21-18_12-57-52 AM.png

After Aeolus left I crawled into bed and just cried.

05-21-18_2-18-13 AM.png

Later I went to see Betelgeuse.  She has always been a big comfort for me.

05-21-18_2-21-04 AM.png

I told her what happened.

05-21-18_2-21-14 AM.png

If looks could kill I think Aeolus would be dead.  She was furious.

05-21-18_2-19-08 AM.png

After our talk I spent some time playing with my niece Celaeno.   She is so adorable.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister’s and am happy for them.  But why are they so lucky in love?  Why do they get to be mother’s and wives?  I am the heiress — shouldn’t I be getting married and starting a family.  It just isn’t fair.  I really hate that I always have these feelings of jealousy.