Belinda: Chapter 02

05-19-18_9-18-32 PM

After returning from Sixam dad started to prepare me for my role as heiress.   He explained that it was my responsibility to record our family history for future generations.  He said I needed to build a library but first had to reach the top of the writing career and achieve the best selling author aspiration.

05-19-18_8-40-52 PM

In order to achieve the best selling author aspiration I first need to complete my renaissance sim aspiration.   Therefore, I have trying to build skills in as many areas as possible.  I am currently working on computer programming.

05-19-18_8-37-07 PM

I have also been focusing on getting As in school by completing my homework and projects.

05-19-18_11-39-27 AM

I also got a job working as a nanny.  It pays pretty well and I only work on weekends.

05-19-18_11-52-15 AM

My brother Beid recently got a new dog.   Dad has been taking Pluto over there in the hopes they will have puppies.   Pluto is getting older and we want his legacy to continue.

05-19-18_2-54-44 AM

It seems like love has been in the air lately.   Botien proposed to Aestas.

05-19-18_2-56-18 AM

She said yes and the two eloped.

05-19-18_5-37-55 PM

As did Baham and Luna.

05-19-18_2-46-57 PM

And Amentet and Brachium.

05-19-18_2-11-49 AM

Since it was impossible for Luna, Amentet and Aestas to become pregnant the guys all decided to undergo implantation.

05-19-18_2-32-02 AM

All three implantations were successful.

05-19-18_2-33-12 AM

Baham gave birth to daughter Cardea.

05-19-18_2-20-59 AM

As well as daughter Carmenta and son Cupid.

05-19-18_2-24-52 AM

Luna just adores being a mother.

05-19-18_10-16-45 PM

Botien had daughter Carlini.

05-19-18_9-46-57 PM

Brachium had daughter Caroli.

05-19-18_10-06-45 PM

His oldest daughter Cyllene is now a teenager.  I am super jealous of how beautiful she is–I think she looks like a model.

05-20-18_7-54-46 AM

Probably the most exciting news was Becrux was also pregnant.

05-20-18_7-54-58 AM

She gave birth to daughter Cybele.  She is named after one of the largest asteroids in the solar system.

05-20-18_7-57-37 AM

Apollo is thrilled with fatherhood.

05-20-18_8-18-12 AM

Sadly while we were in Sixam for Cybele’s birth poor Pluto passed away.  He will be greatly missed.   Fortunately, Beid says that his dog is pregnant so that means soon we will have one of Pluto’s puppies to raise and love.

05-20-18_9-02-30 AM

Of all of my sister’s I am closest to Betelgeuse.  As a non-heiress she also didn’t get as much attention.   We talk, play video games and growing up have been best friends.

05-19-18_11-13-09 AM

So when I saw her talking and laughing with Bianca I got super jealous.  I was convinced they were talking about me or making plans that didn’t include me.

05-20-18_9-05-13 AM

I cried and cried.

05-19-18_11-20-05 AM

Before using the mirror in the bathroom to talk myself down.  Deep down I knew I was overreacting but I just can’t help these feelings of jealousy.

05-19-18_9-21-52 PM

It doesn’t help that Bellatrix and Bianca are also luckier in love than I am.   Belletrix and Alastor formed an instant connection.  They are both very passionate about music and can discuss it for hours.

05-19-18_9-22-53 PM

Soon they were making out all over the house.

05-19-18_9-23-08 PM

The look on dad’s face when he walked in was priceless.

05-19-18_9-37-14 PM

I don’t have pictures but Bianca is dating Aesir.  They are both into money and success so are perfect for each other.   That leaves me to hang out with Aeolus, which I don’t mind.  He is also a renaissance sim so we do things like play chess and video games.  Unfortunately, that is all we do.  I wish he would kiss me the way his brothers kiss my sisters.  Just one more thing for me to be jealous about.

05-20-18_9-17-09 AM.png

I have been working on my cooking skills so for our birthday I made the cake.

05-20-18_10-02-16 AM.png

Which meant I got to blow out the candles first.

Authors note: Thanks to the C key not working I missed a bunch of pictures from the party and Bianca and Aesir dating.

05-20-18_10-24-40 AM.png

Later that evening Allison, my step-mom’s ghost stopped by.  I know her and dad had a complicated relationship and that she missed most of my brothers’ childhoods but she was there for all of mine.  I miss her and was glad she could stop by for our party.

05-20-18_10-24-22 AM.png

Turns out she had another reason for visiting.  She came to tell dad it was time for them to be together again.

05-20-18_10-25-15 AM.png

Moments later he collapsed to the ground.

05-20-18_10-27-48 AM.png

And the grim reaper came to take him away.   While we were all sad, to see him go, we knew it was time.  I think he had actually held on as long as he did in order to see the last of his children become young adults.  Dad had a very long and fulfilling life.  He raised 11 children, mostly by himself.  He was abducted and impregnated four times.  Gave birth to two sets of twins and one set of triplets.  He met and married the love of his life twice.  He also built a neighborhood for future generations to enjoy.   I can only hope I am as successful as he was.