Atlas: Chapter 03

01-23-18_3-25-10 PM

Well I have officially started to show and couldn’t be more thrilled.

01-21-18_9-50-37 AM.png

“Congratulations, I hear you got abducted,” Acamar said.  “How have you been feeling?”

01-21-18_9-51-35 AM.png

“I have been feeling great other than when the glowing happens,” I said.

“Yeah that part is the worst,” he agreed.  “I think it each time it happens the stomach expands just a bit more.”

01-21-18_9-47-24 AM.png

Work has been busy.  I am working on creating a hunger serum.  If the serum works you could drink it and immediately be full.

01-23-18_3-48-08 PM

Which would be great because I swear I am ALWAYS hungry.  I am most definitely eating for two.

01-23-18_3-50-42 PM

I have also been working on new inventions.

01-21-18_11-10-20 AM

And running different experiments.

01-21-18_11-08-03 AM

Being on my feet all day has made my back ache a lot too.

01-21-18_11-48-19 AM

The glowing seems to be happening more and more frequently.

01-23-18_3-53-57 PM

Each time my stomach gets bigger

01-21-18_11-56-28 AM

and bigger.

01-21-18_10-12-10 AM.png

Soon I was in my third trimester and just weeks away from giving birth.

01-23-18_4-48-50 PM

During that time we also celebrated Alya’s birthday.

01-23-18_4-54-05 PM

She is a beautiful teen.

01-23-18_5-00-38 PM

Mom got to work right away painting her teenage portrait.

01-23-18_4-29-41 PM

She also painted my young adult portrait.

01-23-18_4-56-24 PM

As well as a portrait of Allison.  Mom thought it was cute to paint us from the side so you could see our pregnant bellies.  I am not sure why didn’t paint Allison facing forward.  For some reason mom has never liked Allison.

01-23-18_4-34-38 PM

I love her more than anything.  Unfortunately we haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time together lately.  I am at the science center most of the day and Allison is a musician so she spends a lot of time in the city.   I decided that before the babies were born we needed a night out.

01-23-18_4-37-01 PM

“Your son or daughter is sure active today,” Allison said.  “Would you like to feel?”

01-23-18_4-37-09 PM

“Wow that feels amazing,” I said.

01-23-18_4-35-23 PM

I asked if she wanted to feel my belly too.  She seemed a bit unsure but still placed her hands on my stomach.

01-23-18_4-42-27 PM

We had a romantic dinner with great food.

01-23-18_4-45-43 PM

And spent some time making out.  I have missed her lately.

01-23-18_4-28-27 PM

Even when she is home she seems to be on her phone.

01-23-18_4-57-37 PM

Or online chat rooms.  I asked her once what she was doing and she said she was chatting with agents and booking music gigs.

01-23-18_5-04-45 PM

A few days after our date night Allison woke up in labor.

01-23-18_5-04-29 PM

I panicked.

01-23-18_5-06-06 PM

I raced upstairs to get my mom and was shocked but what I found.

01-23-18_5-06-16 PM

Mom was on the floor with the grim reaper standing over here.  I can’t believe she is gone.

01-23-18_5-07-17 PM

I went back downstairs just as Allison was getting ready to have the baby.

01-23-18_5-07-36 PM

She pushed and pushed.

01-23-18_5-08-55 PM

She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy we named Boötes.  Boötes is a constellation in the northern hemisphere and one of the largest in the sky.  It means ox driver or herdsman.

01-23-18_5-11-04 PM

I think he is beautiful and don’t even mind that he doesn’t have my purple skin.

01-23-18_5-13-06 PM

It seems to bother Allison though.  I saw her standing over him using forbidden words.  I am not sure what is up with her but ever since Boötes was born she has been acting very strange.

01-23-18_5-27-32 PM

Could he look anymore uncomfortable.

01-23-18_5-27-44 PM

A few days after Boötes was born I went into labor.

01-23-18_5-27-54 PM

I have a whole new level of respect for my mom and Allison.  Giving birth is very painful.

01-23-18_5-27-57 PM

I think it is time.

01-23-18_5-28-52 PM

I made my way into the nursery and got ready.

01-23-18_5-28-49 PM

A few big pushes later.

01-23-18_5-29-53 PM

I gave birth to a Sixam son I named Baten.  Baten Kaitos is star in the Cetus constellation and means the “Belly of Cetus.”

01-23-18_5-30-40 PM

Surprisingly he was followed moments later by twin brother Botein.  Botein is a star in the constellation Aries and means “little belly”.

01-23-18_5-30-56 PM

I can’t believe we have three infants in the house at once.

01-23-18_5-32-33 PM

Allison has been gone a lot “at gigs” and rehearsals.  Considering she is family oriented she shows very little interest in the babies.  Fortunately my sister Alya has been a big help.

I really wish I knew what was going on with Allison.