This story will attempt to take on five challenges at once:

  • Teen Pregnancy Challenge – will be complete during Generation 1
  • Teen Runaway Challenge – will be complete during Generation 1
  • Build Newcrest Challenge – will be complete during Generation 10
  • Legacy Challenge – will be complete during Generation 10
  • Alphabet Legacy – – will be complete during Generation 27

I will be following the rules to the best of my abilities but may make a few modifications – for example the Build Newcrest Challenge says my founder must be a Young Adult but I am going to use a Teen in order to do the other challenges at the same time.   Aside from mods for clothes, hair and furniture the only other one I have is one to allow for Teen Pregnancy.  Once that part of the challenge is over the mod will be removed for future generations.


Teen Pregnancy Challenge

1. You are not allowed to get a job. You can only get money off of any hobby at all, from gardening to playing an instrument.
2. You cannot age up your baby. You must wait until it is her/her birthday.
3. You can only age up your toddler if they have a level 4 in all of the skills.
4. You can only age up your child/teen if they have an A in school.
5. You cannot age up your teen mother.
6. If you have twins/triplets, you need to keep them all.
7. You must maintain an A in your teen’s school
8. Once your teen ages up, she can get a job. She can only get a house/apartment if she has enough money and a remaining §5,000.
9. You may not hire a nanny, butler, or maid.
10. If you have Parenthood, then you must get your child(ren) to at least two of any of the traits.
11. If you plan on constructing a house on your empty lot, then you can’t build it all at once. Depending on how big you want to make your house, you need to build a part of it and add on to it slowly, if that makes any sense. We want the challenge to be realistic, so if your teen sim wants to be under a roof, then you need to slowly build it so that it seems like an actual construction. For instance, if you want to build three rooms, three windows, four doors, and a roof, then it should take about three days, making one room each day.
12. Your teen’s child may sleep in the same room as his/her mother or separately.
13. Your teen can get food from anywhere. She can either make it herself, order pizza, or, if you have City Living, go to a food vendor and buy it. You cannot, however, hire a caterer (unless you want to spend a ton of money for meals your teen can make herself).
14. Before your teen ages up to a young adult, she must master at least one skill.
15. Your teen’s child must have at least one skill before he/she ages up to a teen.
16. Your teen’s child can be any supernatural creature, there are no limits to that. So can his/her mother and/or father.
17. If your child(ren) get taken away by social services, then the challenge is over.
18. You must pay all of your bills on time.
19. Your teen is allowed to leave the home lot for anything, but she cannot get into another relationship. She cannot have any relatives or friends move in to help her out, yet she can throw parties and invite others over.
20. You are stuck with the traits any of your sims have and cannot change them, same for home lot traits.

Teen Runaway Challenge

  1. You cannot build any kind of shelter for yourself until you have earned the simoleans to do so.
  2. You cannot have any electronics or appliances or cell phone access (put it on silent) until you have a home.   (At least 1 kitchen, 1 bath and 1 bedroom)
  3. You can’t have a part-time job.  You can’t have a full-time job when you are a young adult until you have a home.   (At least 1 kitchen, 1 bath and 1 bedroom)
  4. You cannot cook/shower/etc on other people’s lots or interact with adults until you are a young adult.  You’re a runaway they’ll report you as such.  If your social meter gets low, you can interact with children or other teens.
  5. You can shower and use the bathroom at any public place like the gym.
  6. You can fish, garden and dig all you want and sell them.
  7. You can’t go to school.  You have to cancel go to school each day.  This will not affect traits.
  8.  Each time you travel you subtract $10 simoleans from your funds using the money cheat.

Legacy Challenge – Succession Laws

  • Strict Equality: The founder may be of either gender. However, only children of the opposite gender to the founder are eligible to be named heir. This repeats itself for the next generation (the next heir must be a different gender than the previous heir) so that each generation will have alternating-genders as heirs.
  • Strict Traditional : To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.
  • Democracy: The heir is chosen by your viewers/readers from among the pool of eligible heirs.
  • Brood – Heirs must be carried in a pregnancy by the previous heir, regardless of the heir’s gender

Click here for a complete list of rules

Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge

  • ONLY 1 founding sim. They can be male or female or an alien, doesn’t matter. They must be a young adult and aging must be on and set to normal for the active family. Townies should age as well so you can have some stock to pull from for future spouses. If it seems like all the townies are getting too old turn it off for while then turn it back on.
  • Choose a good lastname for them since this will be kept through the Legacy.
  • You may not visit the cities of Willow Creek, Oasis Spring  or Windenburg until all generations are completed. You may still visit Granite Falls and Magnolia Promenade. The Promenade must remain only commercial and cannot have any residential lots. You are only allowed to live and build in Newcrest.
  • You may not change a sim’s current aspiration until they are finished. You must finish their generation specific aspiration before you can start working on the next generation. That doesn’t mean you can’t have kids, just that those kids can’t start working on their specific aspirations before the generation ahead of them finishes theirs.
  • You must complete all goals for each generation before moving on to the next one. Read each specific generation goals in the Generations section.
  • You must have at least one heir to progress with
  • You must build one venue, community lot, neighborhood area in each generation.
  • NO cheats/mods/hacks that give you an advantage over other players who don’t have them, custom clothes and decor are fine but money cheats or other ones that give your sims a better position are not.
  • NO restarting the game after bad events. Someone died in a fire, that’s too bad. Wanted a boy and you had a girl, you’re stuck with it.
  • You may not merge other sims into the “Legacy Family” EXCEPT sims that are/or will be spouses, you may bring in more than one spouse into the household. IE spouses for brother and sister.
  • A sim may only use an anti-aging potion ONE TIME in their lifetime, this includes the Potion of Youth and milking the cow plant.
  • You may not move out or marry and move out a sim who is currently the “Heir”. All “spare” children may marry and/or move out.
  • You may ONLY play the Legacy Family in this save, you may move other households into the lots (you are required to at some point) to add more families to the neighborhood.
  • You are allowed to follow you sims to work if you have chosen a job from Get to Work.

Click here for a complete list of rules.

Alphabet Legacy

-Each generation after the first must be named alphabetically.
-There must be at least 3 children per generation.
-The challenge ends with the birth of the third Z child (third child of the 27th generation).
-Every 8 generations starting from A (H, P, X), a set of twins must be born. These do NOT have to be a part of the main line.
-Every 5 generations starting from A (E, J, O, T), the family must downgrade. This means that all unnecessary objects must be deleted, and necessary objects (beds, fridges, etc.) must be downgraded to the cheapest kind. Skill objects may be kept, but objects used for skilling that can be downgraded (TV, bookcase, computer) must be downgraded. After all of this, the family must be familyfunded to 1000 simoleans.
-Downgrading only applies on the legacy house; businesses need not be downgraded.